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Riedell Laeather Toe Caps Riedell leather Toe Caps
Unlike single strap toe covers that sometimes slide from side to side, these toe caps have been designed to stay securely in place, protecting your boot under the most demanding use on any surface.

Built from a rugged, one-piece construction and finished with actual eyelets that won't damage laces even when pulled very tight, these toe caps provided the very best protection for your skate boot. Black only.

Revolutionary new design MADE IN USA by Riedell with full Leather construction.

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Vinyl Toe Caps Vinyl Toe Caps
Revolutionary new design MADE IN USA from SUPER TOUGH Industrial Vinyl with nearly unbreakable buckle.

Finally Skate Boot Toe protection that fits properly around the entire toe of your skate boot and DOES NOT move side to side like the leather toe-guard. Held on by toe-stop or jam plug and laces.
Installation notes

*NOTE: These Caps come MATTE BLACK
  NOT Gloss Black like in the pictures.

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