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DEFECTIVE or DAMAGED merchandise, please contact us. We will replace the damaged item or refunded your money, but we must have the defective item back to get credit for it from our vendor and we may make arrangements to have it sent back to the manufacturer instead of us.

We stock 5 brands of protective equipment in all sizes at all times. We also have 100's of sets of wheels and bearings on hand at our location at any given time. We do not stock skates, Skates are the one thing that we can't stock, we would have to stock all the different skates in all sizes and that is just not possible for us, we drop ship them from the manufacturers and distributors around the country.

If you need to return a set of skates you must contact us first for a Return Authorization number which flags the return to the vendor (us) and the customer (you) so credit can be issued back to us. Once we receive credit from them, we will issue credit back to you.

We are almost always charged a restocking fee by the manufacturers and distributors when skates are returned and we have to reserve the right to charge a restocking fee to cover our time and handling cost of returned skates. Restock fees can be up to 20% of the purchase price.

We are hear to get you what you need to play this game and we work hard to have competitively low prices but, if you buy stuff knowing you are going to return it that is not only FRAUD but it will cost everyone including you.

If you place an order, and decide after that you want to cancel, that is your choice but, that means paypal has processed 2 transactions 1- purchase and 2- return. They charge a $10 fee for that. RDD will not be responsible since both decisions were on your part. A $10 fee will be deducted from your refund.

We will exchange products that do not fit for the proper size but you must pay the shipping associated with the exchange, we don't add any fee's we just charge what it cost to ship the new size.

Nearly all the items we sell are returnable if you haven't used them. Any returned product must be in "NEW" "RESALABLE" condition. We will charge 20% for items returned in "NEW" condition. Don't try to send us back stuff that has obviously been used, You will not be issued full credit for used items that are returned as new.

We will exchange products that do not fit for the proper size but you must pay the shipping associated with the exchange, we don't add any fee's we just charge what it cost to ship the new size.

AGAIN... USED skates are NOT returnable
Do not send us skates that you have skatesd in...If you would be pissed-off taking the item out of a box you just paid full price for "NEW"... so will the next customer. How much money you get back depends on what you buy and the condition it's in when we get it back.

Custom skates are NOT returnable
If you order skates in *WIDE WIDTH* or special colors - anything outside of stock - those are not returnable.

Custom skate packages are NOT returnable
However, we can build you whatever combination of boots, plates, wheels, bearings and other parts, and as long as you have not skated in them or damaged them, it will usually be returnable. If you have any concerns, please ask before we put them together for you, and we will let you know then if your skates will be refundable.

If you ordered the wrong size, you have to pay the shipping and a $15 restocking fee to swap them out.  If we sent you something you didn't order or a different size, we will pay for whatever it takes to get you what you ordered.

International Orders
We will do our best to get whatever you need, to wherever you need it. However, we will NOT pay import/export taxes, tariffs, duty, or brokerage fees, imposed by anyone including foreign governments for the shipment of products into their countries. If you live outside of the USA the full responsibility for those or any other fees if they apply, will be yours alone.

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