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I have been way too busy to answer all the calls that we have been bombarded with lately. Some great new things are in the works but it's all very demanding. We're here for you!!! but, we have missed some calls and don't want you to get the idea that your issue is not important to us. I have had to revert to e-mail as my primary contact for questions about skates. This really is the fastest way to get a response from me. If you have an issue and need to speak to me send me an e-mail and I will respond back usually within an hour or two between the hours of 7:00am - 4:00pm EASTERN DST weekdays. If you have one of our business cards with a phone number on it... it is an old card, our current cards do not have phone numbers on them, we communicate with customers through e-mail only.

You can e-mail me (Dale) directly at:

We're Here, Bute We're Busy... E-mail us for Info!

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