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How many wheels do I get?
For quad wheels, unless otherwise noted, each comes as a set of 8 wheels.

Does wheel size affect speed?
Yes, it does. Generally, the larger the wheel is, the more roll you will get for the least amount of effort. So, you will be able to cover more surface area with the larger wheel with less effort and you will go faster and have a smoother ride. The average quad speed skate wheel comes in 62mm.

What does the hardness number mean?
The Hardness (or Durometer) of a wheel is measured on a scale of a number and then an A. For example: 96A. That's the standard hardness for a quad speed skate wheel. The higher the number, the harder the wheel. The lower the number, the softer the wheel. The hardness of a wheel will affect its durability, shock absorption and ability to grip an indoor or outdoor skating surface. For outdoor use, you will want a wheel that is below 90A. For indoor use you will want a wheel from 88A up to 103A.

Soft Wheels
Soft wheels will give a smoother ride and will grip better, but a wheel that is too soft will feel sluggish and slow.

Hard Wheels
Hard wheels can give you a rough ride, but they are usually faster than soft wheels and the will slide more easily (meaning they will not grip as well as a soft wheel).

Speed Skate Wheel Hardness
Hard wheels are faster than soft wheels, but very hard wheels don't grip well and they provide a rough ride. Long distance speed skaters will often use a softer wheel than short distance racers because hard wheels can become very uncomfortable when skating long distances.

What's the difference between Indoor and Outdoor skates?
The only real difference is the wheels. The outdoor skates have softer wheels. The softer wheels outdoors will help you grip better as well as go over the cracks in the sidewalk and small pebbles and things like that. Generally, an outdoor wheel would be considered anything under 90A (the lower the number the softer the wheel).


What does ABEC mean?
ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Council and it is a rating of how "good" bearings are. Basically the higher the number after ABEC-, the better the bearing is supposed to be. The scale goes ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7 and ABEC-9. Bones Bearings (Swiss, Ceramic) are "Skate Rated" and are basically better than most of the bearings rated on the ABEC scale.

What does 7mm and 8mm mean?
Those refer to the inner diameter of the bearing and the size of the axle it's going on. Most skates use 8mm (or large) axles so you will need standard 608 size 8mm bearings to go on them. Some of the older model and higher end skates use 7mm (or small) axles and you will need 627 size 7mm bearings.

How many bearings do I need?
You will need 2 bearings per wheel. For Quad Skates, you will need 16 bearings total.


Should I get a high top or low top boot?
It's up to you! Neither one is "better" than the other. High top boots generally offer more ankle support, so if you have weak ankles that may be right for you. Low top boots are more popular and allow you to move your ankle more freely, and it will also not be as hot on your foot. The low top boots are generally considered speed boots.

What types of boots are there?
There are a few different types of boots

Leather Outside with Leather Lining
Top quality boot and has the maximum amount of durability and lasts longer than other boots. This will be the best kind of boot in most situations. Once the leather breaks in and forms to your foot, this is the most comfortable type of boot. Example: Riedell 220.

Leather Outside with Cambrelle Lining
This style of boot wears very well and the inside absorbs sweat better other types of material. Example: Carrera.

Vinyl Outside with Leather Lining
This boot has a soft inside against your foot, but the vinyl outside doesnt wear as well as leather boot. Example: Esprit.

Vinyl Outside with Unlined Inside
This type of skate has less ankle support than others and it a lower price economy boot for beginners. Example: Chicago Starter.

Suede Outside with Leather Lining
This is usually called a Riedell 130 boot or 135. It is used primarily outside and is a very soft and comfortable boot. Example: Zone.

Manmade Material Outside with Padded Inside
This is a very comfortable boot as well as a very durable and affordable boot. Example: GT-40.


What is the difference between Double Action and Single Action?
A Double Action Plate has two cushions the kingpin is usually at a 10 degree angle. It is used for all types of skating.

A Single Action Plate has one cushion and the kingpin is set at a 45 degree angle. This is made only in metal plates and is much heavier than the newer nylon plates. They are only used for quad speed skating.

Is a metal plate better than nylon?
No, it is not better. A nylon plate has a double action and is usually lighter duty. Metal plates are very sturdy and generally slightly heavier than a nylon plate. The metal plates cost more initially, but will generally last much longer.

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